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Im sucha workaholic. Working everyday till next Saturday holding three different jobs. Awesome?

Real steel Movie Review

Heya !

Do you miss me here?
Anyway, this post is about Real Steel Movie !
Read about my previous post here if you haven't !
Yeah, I know the movie is out only on the 6th October but ...
All thanks to Nuffnang I caught it before many of you all do! :>
Mad happy! I got a pair of tickets to catch it at The Cathay and I grab Sujuan along with me!

Ohoh, this my first Nuffnang event too! Hoorays!

The movie turn out to be great.


It's actually about robot's fighting in the ring.
However, they manage to pull in the scene of how a dad can reconcile with his son through this.
Amazing huh.
It's pretty humorous and interacting.
I got to sit up a couple of times from my sit. (getting all excited every now and then) haha!

4/5 !

Go watch it if you got the time!
Pretty Awesome!

p/s. I blog this during work. woohooo.

Vegan Burg

Vegan Burg
I finally tried it !
Even though it so near my place. I know I know.

On 21st September, I met Johan up to head down to Suntec City to fill up an application form for Banquet job ! (:
However, before that, we had Vegan Burg at Enous!
Woo woo like finally ! :>

2 % fat! I want !!!

Verdict :
It's a little pricey if I classify this restaurant under fast food.
Hmms. However, it's really healthy. I super likey the fries!
As for the burg itself, there's too much lettuce :/
I took them out and ate the burger with soya patty only.

Ratings: 3/5 !


Bangkok Shopping Time - Day 4

Last day !!!
I miss Singapore so much! :>

I don't know why the photos look so small here. ):
Im trying out the new blogger layout.
Pretty nice , I can finally upload more than 5 photos at one time!
Woohoo. But then the photos are so small ):

It's finally the last day of Bangkok trip.
So glad to be back in Singapore with refreshing air, ordered traffic and definitely it's more hygienic in Singapore!
We got to check in in the airport at 4pm ! We are only left with half a day to shop but that's okay :>

 Last day outfit : Pink Polo + Jeans (folded)
 Hotel Swimming pool! Nice scenery huh ! :>
Breakfast was awesome for the last day.  My fave scrambled eggs too! :> First day: Scrambled eggs with cheese Second day : Scrambled eggs with ham Third day: Scrambled eggs with cheese and ham Combo :D haha!
With only half a day left in Bangkok,  it's schedule t\o be our mani-pedicure session!
Walk past this mall and so happen to see this shop Mani-pedicure services sta…

McDonald’s Monopoly


Make up Regime

Hi people!

Today I'm going to share with you my make up regime.
However, I'm not a professional in make up or neither one that apply make up everyday to make myself pretty. Actually, I'm a very lazy person. It takes up to 20 mins for me to apply make up. See, i can use the time to do other things right. Plus make up isn't very good for our complexion either.
But who cares, make up can be the key to our confidence and makes us look beautiful. :D

Lets start , if you are like me (very lazy to apply make up and all), below are the MUST to apply .

Lets not belittle this. Let say today will be a stormy and rainy day and you thought you could Skip the sunblock step. The answer is NO. Who says one only got to apply sunblock when the weather is sunny. Also make sure that your sunblock has a minimum of SPF 30. :)

Trim and neat brows
As for me, I love neat and trim brows. If I'm lazy to put on any make up that day, I would still have my brows drawn. This is an important step…


Real Steel ?
What is it all about ?

Pots, Pans, Utensils, Doors ?


It's a Robot ! A real steel robot :>

If you have the power to own a robot, what main function would you want the robot to have ?
As for me, it would not be exactly called a function but a character.

I would like my robot to have "loyalty".
Yes, robots are huge and could actually squashed you into a sardine can accidentatlly.
But which robot could be loyal to you all the time ?
I would definately love to have a robot as a friend. (:
A loyal friend.

How about you ? :>

Catch Real Steel in cinemas this 6 October 2011 and like the Official Real Steel Singapore Facebook Page!

xoxo :>

Robinsons and mio TV presents PRIMETIME FALL FASHION

Prime Time Fall Fashion !

What's this all about ?

Expect a night of high glamour strutting its stuff down the runway just before your very eyes! Enjoy free-flow drinks in the club you’ll never forget. Also get to rub shoulders with our very own celebrity bloggers! And the best part? It’s entirely FREE!!!

Featuring bloggers like Bongqiuqiu, Beatricetan, Belluspuera, Mycherrymagazine and Zoeraymond, you will get to catch more of our popular bloggers who will be gracing the event!

Are you getting excited now ?!

Furthermore, it's a collaboration with Robinsons ! :>
They do have many fashionable stuffs in them!

Why wait, join in the fun now! :>

For more info, go to

See you at Avalon, Marina Bay Sands, 29th September, 7.30pm :>

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