Bangkok Shopping Time - Day 1

Hello people! :>
Im finally back from Bangkok !
In case you dont know, I went for a 4d3n holiday to Bangkok with my mum.
I've been pestering her for a fairly long time to bring me to bangkok to shop!
And I finally did ! :>

Shopping madness!

I love to go on an overseas trip with adults. I need not worry about my passport, transport or even money $$ ! Im still a little scared after the china trip. :/ The feeling of getting left alone in the hotel room isn't very nice ): #phobia ): This time Im super clingy to my mum. I follow her closely whereever she go! :> Behaving just like a kid! heheee :>

My Day 1 :

We took a cab to Changi Airport about 10:30 am !
I dint bring my phone along ): One less burden but I definately miss getting around the net with my phone! Nevertheless, there's still my mum's blackberry to meddle with. Hehee :>

We reach Bangkok about 1:35 pm. The whole flight took around 2 hours. Bangkok and Singapore has a time difference of one hour! That explains why it's 1:35 pm aint 12:35 pm. Getit ? :>
After all the waiting for the agent to pick us up and the coach arrival, we reach the hotel only about 3:30 pm ):

Plane meal! :>
This is funny. The cabin crew asked "would you like chicken noodles or fish w rice?"
Me: " fish"
while my mum got the chicken noodles!
However, when I open up the aluminium foil, it turns out to be prawns instead of fish! haha!
so many prawns somemore. I like~

My luggage wheel drop off when I reached Bangkok ):
Cabin crews smashed my luggage! ):

On the way to the hotel~
The journay to the hotel takes 1 hour!

Look at the wires. Horrify~


The lobby doesn't look grand and it's small.

Oh, I stayed in CentrePoint PetchPerri ! :>
Good location with free Wifi too!

But the Hotel room good!
The room big with pantry somemore! :>

mama! :>

This is dissapointing, 2 hours gone! The shopping malls in Bangkok close very early at 6 pm! There's goes half of my day 1 .

However, my mum and I still managed to conquer Platinum Fashion Mall ! Platinum Fashion Mall is only a 5 mins walk from our hotel! Super love! What's more, this mall is a wholesale mall like City Plaza/Bugis in Singapore ! All the clothes are charged in a wholesale price when you purchase two or more. Happygirl.
#Tip: Although they claims that you got to buy 2 or more pieces to entitle to the wholesale price, some of the shop owners would still charge you the wholesale price if you get one piece only! It's a MUST-BARGAIN country! :D

We settle at the foodcourt at the highest level of the mall. Im craving for Japnese food while my mum wanna have Thai - Tomyam soup , foodcourt has it all! However, the Japanese food is dissapointing. Looks at the pictures and you will know why ):

Looking goood ~

What's that cracker like thing?!

It's actually tempura prawns ): This is my first time seeing this. It isn't tempura , it's ebi prawns with the flour thing like free with puny prawns. ):


I must say their waffles are good! Anywhere. :D

Purchases on the first day! :>
This concludes my first day! :>

I brought froggy along! :>
p.s: I dint know my camera quality that bad till it's being transferred over to the computer ):


Emily said…
am i the first readerrrr teehee.
Joey said…
Heee, I suppose ! Miss you! :> When are we going for jap buffet again? Got to start saving up! :/
Emily said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emily said…
oh didn't know you replied! i miss you too!! yesss i want another sushi buffet again how about last week of sept? actually i shld be free most of the time :) or we can meet to eat other stuff too!
Joey said…
Haha, sure ! :> got to check with sujuan as well ! :> I remove the tagboard, it's so irritating :/

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