Bangkok Shopping Time - Day 2

It's Day 2 !
There's a complimentary half day tour in my tour package!
Mama and I decided to go for the tour since we haven't been to Bangkok for a fairly long time.

Let me share with you this funny thing. If you know Im very very useless in directions, it's the same when Im in Bangkok . ): Whenever mummy ask me which direction to go, I said "left", the right way should be "right"! It happens all the time :/ My mum had decided to go to the opposite direction and it appears to be the right way! Haha :>

Let's go back to the half day tour! :>

We set off at 7:15 am from the hotel. I woke up at 6 am that day. Yawns. Hurry down to the lobby to get breakfast and get ready to go for the half day tour!

My fave dish would be the scrabled eggs with ham and cheese! I had that every morning . Yummmmmmmmmmy!! :>
The hotel food's good!

Breakfast ! :>

Sunkiss Ambassador #justjoking

Fave : Scramble eggs!!! :>

I dint have this though.
I don't like any milk taste except for HL and magnolia milk :/

He-ho-ha :D

Proceed with the half day tour .
We took a ferry at (i forgot where ) :/ but that the river that supplies all the water to many households and even my hotel!
It is super windy that day :> Enjoy the ride !

The tour guide explains many of Thailand customs to us.
One of it would be the very famous phrase "Sawadika" *spl
As we all know, there are somehow more than 2 genders in Thailand.
Female / Male / Ah-gua
Hahaha, I don't know how to phase it lah. But we are know as ah gua right!!
There's even an ah gua show in Thailand.
Anyway, going back to "Sawadika".
This is a very very important phase in Thailand. Their greetings are all in this phase.
Whether it's good morning or good evening, "Sawadika" has it all.

Do you know different gender pronounce "Sawadika" differently ?

Female : Sawadika (ends with ka at the back. It is pronounce with your mouth open wide)
Male : Sawadikup ( ends with kup at the back. It is pronounce with you mouth shut tight)

Then how about ah gua?

It's "Sawadiha" !
Amazing right ! So, at times if you are not sure about their gender in Thailand, take note about their greetings !

Sawadika ! :>

There's also many famous royal buildings along the river.
There's the royal kingdom, royal hospital and royal school.
Amazing uh.

Huge fishes!

It's shopping time after the tour! :>
The tour guide brought us to Chatuchak Market with over 10000 stalls to shop!
It's drizzling in the noon but has stop when we are about to set off.
Lucky us! Chatuchak Market is the furthest shopping area from our hotel.
Many many clothes there, some are even selling at $2 sgd too! *What a steal ! *
We had lunch there too.
Ahem, their food not very clean but I'm too hungry to think about it already.
To my surprise, it's delicious! :>
We had chicken noodles at 50 baht ! ($2)

Coke !

Chicken noodle

Look at the bananas. OMG.

We head down to Central World next !
Not much shopping done there.
The things are too expensive for me already.
Budget : $6 max per piece of clothing :/

What is this ?
It's their train token!
You actually scan this token to enter the train platform! Just like our ezlink card.
Cool huh.

Zara heels! *wants*

Mama eating her red bean pancake. tongues out. HAHA

ohoh. Mama bought this shoe at 100 baht which is ard $4.50!
Cheap and nice ! :>

Second day buys! :>>

We even bought 4 sets of 2 toothbrushes ): We thought it's cheap until the price show otherwise at the cashier! Cheated! (it's still cheaper than singapore though :/)

I bought this liese hair dye at 350 baht too! :>
Dye it in the hotel ! HAHA

My Yellow Betty Moody Bag :D

Our dinner/supper!
Hotel food the best ! :>



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