Bangkok Shopping Time - Day 4

Last day !!!
I miss Singapore so much! :>

I don't know why the photos look so small here. ):
Im trying out the new blogger layout.
Pretty nice , I can finally upload more than 5 photos at one time!
Woohoo. But then the photos are so small ):

It's finally the last day of Bangkok trip.
So glad to be back in Singapore with refreshing air, ordered traffic and definitely it's more hygienic in Singapore!
We got to check in in the airport at 4pm ! We are only left with half a day to shop but that's okay :>

 Last day outfit :
Pink Polo + Jeans (folded)

 Hotel Swimming pool! Nice scenery huh ! :>

Breakfast was awesome for the last day. 
My fave scrambled eggs too! :>
First day: Scrambled eggs with cheese
Second day : Scrambled eggs with ham
Third day: Scrambled eggs with cheese and ham
Combo :D haha!

With only half a day left in Bangkok,  it's schedule t\o be our mani-pedicure session!
Walk past this mall and so happen to see this shop Mani-pedicure services starting at only 69 baht and 100 baht respectively ! ($2 ,$4)

However, she's the only one in the shop. ):
My mum and I got to take turns ):
spend 3 hours there.
The outcome wasn't to my expectation. :/
However, her service was thumbs up ! (Y)

 Do you like my nails ? :>
I got to remove them on the 8th Oct ): because of a banquet job!):
Sidetrack a little here, I went for an admin job interview for a month till school reopen.
I dont know if I could get the job. I think I would be able to know the outcome by Monday ?
Else, I will just stick to events job and enjoying my holiday! :>

 Mummy's pedicure's awesome! but mine isn't ):

 This is only 80 baht ! (Around $3.50)
But I dint get them :/ A bit regret now :/
 Camwhore while waiting for mama !

 What ya' starring at ?

hurried to lunch as we are only left with 20 mins!
Oh no.
This is super delicious! :>
Had lunch @ Simply delicious opposite my hotel.
Ain't cheap though!
If I never remember wrongly, this cost ard $4 sgd!

 Mama's soup!

Check in time!
On board back to Singapore :>

 It's mid autumn festival!
That's explain this mini mooncake brought to us by Thai Airways :>

 This's salmon ! :/ hmms.

Last but not least, our buys on the last day!
The wedges are only $4 sgd only! woohoo.

This complete my Bangkok trip! :>
Do you feel like heading there now to shop ?



Stay for more updates !


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