Bangkok Shopping Trip - Day 3

Hello, everyone.
Results are out for TP students already, how's yours ?
Mine dint turn out to be what I wanted. Oh well, very disappointing.
Let's not talk about results here. :/

On a side note: Do you like my Oreo cheese cupcakes in the previous post? :>

Moving back to Bangkok Day 3!! :D
Shopping time again! :>

Sawadika ! Morning ! :>
At the hotel lobby for breakkie!

Scramble Egg! Fave.
The rest of the food today isn't very appealing :/ Thus, this is the only photo for Breakfast.

We head off to MBK after breakfast. It was drizzling when we head out.
This tuk tuk driver kept pestering us if we wanna board his tuk tuk to head down to MBK.
Since it drizzling, we decided to take his tuk tuk instead of walking down to MBK!

Tuk tuk is a very common vehicle in Bangkok! It's like a trishaw but runs on a motor! Do pronounce it correctly otherwise they will be very mad at you! If you pronounce it as Took-took , it means that you are scolding them!

The ride was refreshing but dangerous! Gosh, it's like no door and the driver claims that he's driving very slowly but to me it's like oh gosh, can you slow down please !
Look at my mum and my hair!
*gush of wind* Don't forgot it's drizzling!

:> Tuk-Tuk
I know I stand very straight here :/


Mummy in the fitting room.
So, I took the chance to rest my legs and camwhore a little ! :>

We had lunch at MBK too! It's a food area at level 5 ! Mama says it changes a lot when she last came three years back! We went to *food court/restaurant* for our lunch! Okay, this place is like Marche in Singapore! But it's like 3x bigger ! Awesome !

There's a seafood corner too!
I love seafood, do you ? :>

But the prices there are not cheap ):
The above plate cost around $24 Sgd.

Our orders: ! :>

Yummy! The soup tastes like lobster bisque! :>

My fish n chips! It's not those normal fish n chips! The fish super fresh and the fries are made out from real fresh potato! :> Yum yum.
Around $ 8 Sgd.
*ouch x2*

We are in for a holiday! Good food is a must !
(I dont dare to try food stalls on road sides :/ )

Siam paragon! You can go there if you looking for branded stuffs !
I never step in the mall cuz we know we wont get anything there! shan't waste time! :>

We went over to Big C after that! Cause Mbk do not have much stuffs ):
We settle down at Mac to have a drink! our legs are tired ):
*Regret dint have thai massage when Im over there ): )

This is Mac Donalds new crispy chicken!
Ratings : 3/5

Choco cream frappe
Ratings : 1/5
I broke my rule in buying/drinking frappes or bubbleteas!
But I'm in for a holiday! :>

We bought this back to hotel to eat too!
Yum yum :>

Loot for the second day! :D

Fave shoe! :D


Stay tune for Day 4!
Do you miss me still ? :>


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