Real steel Movie Review

Heya !

Do you miss me here?
Anyway, this post is about Real Steel Movie !
Read about my previous post here if you haven't !
Yeah, I know the movie is out only on the 6th October but ...
All thanks to Nuffnang I caught it before many of you all do! :>
Mad happy! I got a pair of tickets to catch it at The Cathay and I grab Sujuan along with me!

Ohoh, this my first Nuffnang event too! Hoorays!

The movie turn out to be great.


It's actually about robot's fighting in the ring.
However, they manage to pull in the scene of how a dad can reconcile with his son through this.
Amazing huh.
It's pretty humorous and interacting.
I got to sit up a couple of times from my sit. (getting all excited every now and then) haha!

4/5 !

Go watch it if you got the time!
Pretty Awesome!

p/s. I blog this during work. woohooo.


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