Taiwan Dramama !


Since it's the holiday, I would have time to watch all these dramama show!
Woohoo! :D

There's 3 dramas Im currently watching now!

1. Sunshine Angel

It's get boring after a few episode.
No offense though :/
Rating : 2/5

2. Material Queen ; 拜金女王

由吴建豪和熊黛林合 演的偶像剧《拜金女王》,不顾近日的炸弹威胁,在巴黎塞纳·马恩省河畔开拍。顶着清晨低温,女主角熊黛林穿着小礼服,露香肩又露美腿,冻到全身僵硬发抖。 剧组工作人员贴心地准备“暖暖包”,让熊黛林塞在礼服里,但她求好心切,不肯用。“我怕看起来会肥肥的,发抖没关系,再冷都要美美的才行。”

via : http://tv.ifensi.com/article-309489.html

The main reason Im watching this drama it's because of my boyf.
Heehee, Vaness Wu handsome boy! 
However, the story plot kept repeating itself and showing me a lot of the past episodes showback. 
It's kinda irritating :/

Rating : 3/5

3. Love you ; 醉後決定愛上你

Verdict : 4/5 ! :D
I've only watched the first episode. However, it's super hilarious ! 
Must watch okay!! It's super funny. I think the male lead is cute :>
Heheheee. Xiao gui also in the show too!
This drama have been out for quite awhile already though .:/


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