What I've been up to?

Im done with all exams in poly! :>
If there's no sub required. I just got to hope for the best ya'?
I tried and worked very hard in this semester. I really want my grades to soar. *please.
No point saying all these cuz' I already know how I fared.
It really depends on how you study and all.
My biggest mistakes in this semester would be "not reading the inistructions".
These lead me to many deductions of marks in projects work. Sigh, dont wanna elaborate further too.

What's over , is over.

What I've been up to recently ?

1. Love Keeps Going (美樂加油)

I think she's really pretty ! :>
I caught up with this taiwan drama lately. I managed to finish off this drama before the study week too! All thanks to @sujuuan! :>
For the last few episodes, I watched it with all the tears flowing down my cheeks. Im not one whom cry easily when watching shows but 美樂加油 kinda succeed in making me touched and all. Watch it if you're free! :>
*The ending sucks though :/

Ratings: 4/5

2. Main exam revision

3. The Sims Social
Congrats in ditching Tetris away. Here it comes The Sims Social. This is kinda addictive maybe cuz' I used to play the real The Sims.
Of course with all the cheat codes so that my sim could live a luxurious life! However, I couldnt find any for the sims social. hmms.
Let me show you my house :>

Nice right ! :> hehehee
4. DragonNest I've been exploring DragonNest too! Not bad for now.

5. Work Im starting work on Monday! Try to spot me around! :>

That's all!
This is a very nice song that Im currently hooking on!
Enjoy :>

(but will probably get sick of it soon, hmms)


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