Granny's date ! :> ♥

I went out with granny again!
Im super happy. Granny the one I love the most :>
Nobody could replace her!
I bought her out to Tampines, actually it was me as I wanted to checkout the prices on G2k blazers.
But I really had a great time with her :D

Warning: Pretty much of camwhores. You could get outta here if you want. No forcing.

Granny :D

Here's the thing, initial plan was to treat granny lunch. 
So we waited outside for our turn and pop my auntie happen to walk past.
So, in the end we split the bill and she joined us for lunch (:

@Hockhua for tonics!

This is my bag from bkk!
This isn't the design I liked  the most. I can't find the one I like over at the temple. ):
So, I got this instead in a shopping mall.
Sujuan has one too :D
My new manicure @ Dhoby Gauht Exchange.
$8/- hehehehe

Never too full for icecream :D

ohoh, I bought clips from White Sands! :>
Super cute right :D

Another time,



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