Hehehahahoho Chalet !


Caught up with Hehehahahoho again during the holidays.
And what cool is that we managed to squeeze in a chalet despite our busy schedule! 
Cool or what ! 

As you know, our outings are always full of cameras.
At least 3 cameras out to shoot on our outings but no one actually brings camera except for Eunice who join us on the later part of the day. ah hah.

Anyway, this is also the first time that Im staying over at a chalet. Virgin night. Heeheee. Im a super lazy and sleepy pig which could not actually ton the night. I think im the second one whom fall asleep after Jasmine a.k.a the first worm! :D

Had a really great time with them. Much loveee <3 hugs and kisses, hehehe.

Below are photos grab from Eunice's blog! :>
Hehehehe. Go to her blog for more details too :D

 Marshmellow, otah, wings, satays, bacon ! :>

 Breezer! Yum yum.
We are proud to be the Worms. Hhahaa.


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