Hehehahahoho's monthly excursion

We finally meet up after all the stressful examinations!
We manage to get a day when all the 9 of us are free for an excursion!
Yipee! :>

This time we went out to East Coast Park for picnic and cycling !
Initially, our plan is to play by a pot luck kind of picnic. However, many of us are lost in getting what kind of food.
So we decided to meet up earlier and get food over at Giant Supermart behind heading down to East Coast Park!

After all the settling down, we went to cycling in a shift basis. Haha.
It's super tiring and my butt hurts after that.

Picnic ~ 
Chips, Sushi, Fruits (:

Cycling ~

Overall, really had fun meeting all of them! :>


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