Holiday Jobs

As you know, a poly student have plenty ample time during their holidays.
We have got no school work to be troubled about. hooray!
Okay, this is to compensate us for the super stressful semester we had.

How do you spend your holidays ?
I spend them by working. I know , kinda no life right.
But what to do if you have no cash with you when you're out!

I held many temp/ad hoc jobs this holiday.

1. Flyer Distribution
This is my first job straights after the holiday. The pay was good and it's only 4 hours per day at Parkway Parade. They pay by an hourly basis! That means I do not have to worry about how many leaflets I actually distribute! Awesome right ~ :>

2. SuperMart Promoter
Okay, this job kinda pop up from nowhere cuz I receive the call only two days before and he call at night! This job pay super good. hoho. & It's just a merely two days events. The best of this job is that I get the pay right after the job ends. Cool huh.

3. Temporary Receptionist
This is super last minute too. I send my resume to recruit express at about 1 am in the morning and the best part is that they called me immediately at 9am. Hoho. Yeah, if you are guessing won't I will be still sleeping? You are right! However, another part time job rang me up earlier at 8.45 am . FML. There's goes my sleep. Going back to the temp job, they called at 9am and wants me to report to work at 2pm. haha.No doubts, I agreed for a total of 9 days. I have a hard time waking up early in the morning at 7am due to all the late night sleep during the holidays.

I got to say this job nice! I get to do my own stuffs when there is no work for me! oh, btw, my job scope is just to pick up calls and reply emails. :> Right now, Im blogging ! hehee.

4. Banquet one day event
I never tried out any banquet job before. People had been saying it will be tough. ): This job on a Saturday from 3 -11 pm. However, this time Im working with friends! :> (johan,sarah,wendi)
No doubt, I have muscle ache after the job. The tasks are simple, it just to serve the people there food and treat them like babies. Oh well, I doubt I will be taking this kind of jobs again. hmms.

5. Wedding 3 days event
I love weddings! The groom and bribe are beautifully dolled up! It's actually marked the start of a new beginning for them. sweet ~ I took up this event for a 3 day although the pay to be considered pretty low compared to the above. But I do really love wedding plan outs and customary. Hope to have my own bridal shop in the near future ! :>


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