Maxwell Hawker Centre

Hi peeps!

If you know, Im working at Tanjong Pagar as a temp recept.
Im working here alone. That means I take my lunch alone. Aww.
However, it's only for a week! wee.

Just in front of my office building it's Maxwell Hawker!
It's where all the nice food are found!

Im really bored when working, so Im gonna list the food I had during lunchtime!

Friday; 30th September

Have you heard about the famous chicken rice stall?
Tian Tian Chicken Rice.
I bought a plate of steam drumstick rice from them. It's nice but I wont be queuing up again for it when Im still working here. The queue long and I still like my granny's home-cook chicken rice! :>
Or maybe the one at Chinatown!

Ratings: 3.5/5

Monday; 3rd October
Stall 93; Bento King

I had bento today!
Their best seller , fish bento and I think it's awesome.
Probably if Im too hungry, I got that bento in 10 mins time. hoho

Ratings: 4/5

Tuesday; 4th October
Stall 93; Bento King

I had bento today again.
I got no idea what to eat anymore :/
The bento dint disappoints me :>
I had Grilled Chicken Bento w mushroom sauce.
Not bad I got to say ! :>

Ratings: 3.5/5

Wednesday; 5th October
Stall 83; Teochew Hand made Sotong Ball. Pork Ball. Mixed Soup.

I ordered minced meat w mushroom sauce today!
Not bad, but the portion kinda small for a $3 portion. hmm.

Ratings: 3.5/5
Thursday; 6th October

I had packed lunch at home therefore no reccommendations for lunch today!

But, I bought beancurd back home.
It's is't the normal beancurd that you are eating every morning.
This bean is chilled and like a pudding.
Tastes great, very smooth but not my type.

I still prefer the normal hot bean curd in the morning.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Friday; 7th October

Pacific Coffee Company

Cookies and Cream ! :>

I think this is coffee. Not my order, cousin's/



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