Monster Gallery @ MAAD Flea

Hello (:
If you know , there's a monthly flee over at red dot museum on a particular Friday.
And coincidence,I had work on the friday when it has a flee.
There's sure to have many fascinating things around.

I got this for my aunt's birthday.
However, she says it doesn't resembles her . oh well.):
But I thought it's cute to share with you guys.

They are an online based shop and do many types of printing I can say.
Im not very sure about it, you could google them up!

What I really like about them is their SERVICE!
I give them a five outta five. FULL.
Although there are plenty of people there at the flea and the owner couldn't really rush out the works. He send it over to my house personally. Cool or what! :>

Recommended! :>

These are the products! :D



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