My Nuffnang Story

Hello! :>

Im sharing my Nuffnang Story today.
When I first joined Nuffnang few years back, Im like what on earth is this Nuffnang about?
Im really really confused about how it's operates and what it's really about. Im just a 14 years old girl that time and am really new to the web. However, what I do know is that Nuffnang is a new concept that I have never hear before! *applause*

I love to write blogs and keep them updated as long as I am free. I do not care about who actually reads my blog but it somehow a time check on how my life is. Im pretty an absent-minded person. If you happen to ask me " Do you remember what's going on that day ? " , Im sorry to reply most of the time would be no. ): Blogs actually tracks down all the happiness and sorrow I've gone through. Great isn't it ?

And here comes Nuffnang invading into my blog for a good cause. As time goes, the blogosphere have been expanding. From daily diary's to online blogshops and many more like food reviews and all. I can say that of all the things happen on blogs! Don't you think so too? Nuffnang came at a right time, it seems to have taught as many things as well through advertising.

I still remember the recent advertisement on "The harm brought by Contact Lens ". Gosh, the pictures really scare me off. Most of the teenagers spends 70 % of their time hogging on a computer and  Im so glad Nuffnang is here! It brings all kinds of in formations to us and they do amaze me. (:

Not forgetting the recent events like "Fashion Show by Robinson and Avalon Club" and " Real Steel Movie premiere " !

Im the lucky one who can attend them and of cuz bringing back fun and laughter.
All thanks to Nuffnang :>

Im sure there are plenty of exciting event coming about in the future.
Im proud to be a Nuffnang-er , how about you ? :>



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