10/11/2011; Thursday!

Hihi !

Initially, Im blogging from my phone blogger app but halfway through it crash. I couldn't type anymore things anymore. ): That's mean all the things I typed couldn't be posted up. #sadgirl

Anyway, today is a happy day! :D
However,  when I board the super packed bus in the morning Im stucked at the door! ):
Somehow, the door hit my feet. Ouch! Lucky Da en and Joyce on the bus, I quickly run up to them.

BIS Lab test today is good! :> I can do almost all the questions! A good start though the paper is really easy. :/ I met up with Sujuan and Jasmine over lunch too! Nice chat up with them :D

ITPM project meet up quick and good too! :>

Sigh, Im worry about the damn BIS project now.):

Till then.



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