All my buys


This would be a new section call "All my buys" ! :>
Okay lah, it's actually Sarah asked me to post all the things I bought on my blog.
I wouldnt like to spend money on expensive stuffs unless I really like it.
I would only buy it if it's at a fraction of it's price or on sale !

My recent buys .
So here we go:

$27 Boots from AMK hub ! 
But the quality really bad after i wore it  ):

Za Brown brow pencil! 
Really nice to use :>
Bought it during the Watsons four day sale!

H & M earrings ! 
It's $2.90 only. Needless to say more .
I bought a formal shirt there too @ $24.90. woohoo

Oh , and this ripple slippers.
I wasn't intending to buy this but it was on sale ! 
@ $5/- So, just buy :>

What I really like about Ripple are their strap! 
I cant wear rubber slippers, it will bite my feet.

Last but not least ~!
Pink toga top from The Summer Loft ! 
Elaborate more in the next post!
Stay tune :>



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