Magenta Monday

Hello :D

Im talking about Magenta Monday blog shop today.
Nope, I dint buy anything from them but I've won a set of nail polish from there! :D
Im happy.
I like giveaways. It's not about getting free things but to me it's about the excitement.
It kinda hype me up for the day. It's different from buying nail polish outside! I got to know when Im queueing up for the Mummy ride at USS the other day. Im really happy :>

I got to say Magenta Monday really efficient. Although it's just a giveaway, I received them in my mailbox just a couple of days after I've been notified. Efficient ! :>

What's more, it comes in a very cute packaging.
Hehehe :>

Thank you, Magenta Monday :D
I guess if there's anything that caught my eye there, I would definitely buy it!
No hesitations :D

Ohoh, Magenta Monday's model is eexuan!
My senior in secondary school and she's really pretty!

Hop on now!


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