Manhattan Fish Market

All images in this blog post are NOT edited in any way.
They are all RAW images. This blog post is to convey my dissatisfaction against the restaurant as a consumer. No discrimination to anybody or organisation are intended.

Before I start typing this post out...
Before I've been to Changi Point branch...
Before everything that had happened on 26/11/2011 6pm...

I can swear by this, Manhattan food was awesome.
Awesome would be equivalent to a thumbs up.
Value for food. I will be returning to the restaurant for more.

However, this is what happen...

Don't you think the photos of food on the menu are captivating that could make you salivate at the moment you step in? I think so, it make me go hungry whenever I see it.

Nice cover page too! 

What really scares me is this :

Tell me which restaurant serves you with these utensils ?!
Look at how dirty it is, all the smudges on the utensils. If I'm eating at a hawker centre , I wouldn't be surprise upon seeing this. But at a restaurant, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
The next moment I picked up a tissue and cleaned the utensils.
The table beside me placed their utensils in the cup to 'wash' it too. See, how terrible it is.


If you're a frequent to Manhattan Fish Market, seeing this is like a norm. Manhattan Fish Market has many coupons featured on groupon and outlets up for grabs. What I mean was that , their promotions are superb. Almost a huge discount whenever I see something like this. 
However, this shouldn't means that the quality standard of the food can fall below what's serving on the menu. Yes, it's a promotion which means they are receiving less revenue for the same dish but how can they serve as cold food. Oh, before i forget, I waited close to an hour for this. AN HOUR I repeat.

This is the platter. This is taken after my friends and I dig in. The food was alright except it was cold and soggy. Look at the fries above, does it looks like it crispy and all? My answer is NO.
Never mind about that , cuz' probably it's underneath the main items in the platter.
However, have you notice the different colour of batter in the above and below picture?
Two different colours.
Oh, I meant two different OBVIOUS colours.
Well, I think you can guess it. Needless me to say.

Im a seafood lover. I understand it is just shrimp. What I don't understand is that, are this frozen shrimp?

Last but not least:
This is the first dish that came out from the kitchen.

Pointing to the Creamy Chicken. Yummy isn't it ?
We ordered the light version and ta da below the photo :

What do you think above the above image ?
I went jaw-dropped after it been served on my table.
This is what they served us. None of my friends or me have laid a finger on it.
This is what it look like when sited on my table.

This is my thoughts:
Are these leftovers from other customers table?
Why is the plate sides dirty? Ain't the sides suppose to be clean?
The portion is light too small for a light course ?! 

I called for the manager, she said it was 50 - 70 % of the regular portion.
How does it resembles 50- 70 % from the menu ?
We decided to 'upgrade' to a regular one instead.
It look better.
But still not up to my expectation from what I 've eaten from other branches.

You judge.
Well, if you ask me about their service, I will be more than willing to answer you.

Till here.


Cat(Herine) said…
oh my goodness!!!
restaurants service doomsday man.
I totally understand the frustration
Joey said…
Yes! Exactly. Blood boils whenever I mention this incident to my friends ): We do not deserve to be treated like this !
Nicholas Ho said…
Dear Joey

My sincere apologies about your dining experiences at MFM CCP.

I would like to contact you and resolve this instance amicably. May I ask for your contact via email at

Looking forward to hear from you.

Warmest regards

Nicholas Ho
The Manhattan FISH MARKET
Anonymous said…
Dear Joey

I sincerely apologies to you about your dining moments at MFM CCP.

Will it be alright if I contact you via

Looking forward to your reply.

Warmest regards

Nicholas Ho
The Manhattan FISH MARKET

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