Take a breather

Oh dear.
School had been so busy.
With busy, I meant I got no extra time to do the things I like okay. ):
No time to clean off my nail polish and to paint a new set, no time for a haircut, no time for anything else. ):
I really do need a breather.

Attn Hehehahahoho : I miss you guys! Let's go out someday. I tired of school and xx. I got so many things to tell you guys. ):

Anyway, like what I say school's been very busy for me. And what's more there driving to cope. I doubt I will regret taking driving now though. It's like a very handy skill that could bring me anywhere~ Cross fingers that I will pass the very first time k! As for now, it would be FTT first. *Nervous*

Going back to school, I hate projects. I miss my class. I meant my class in Semester 2.1. I guess that the most exciting and happiest time in Poly. ); I've got so many talking companion then. I dont care if they like me to talk non stop or not, but if I start a conversation, they will keep the conversation with me! Like non-stop kind, okayyyy. Everything changes now. ): I dont dare to start a conversation anymore keeping in mind not to offend others. I think this is all because of this semester. The work load is just Fabulous. orrrr, it's just me. But I doubt so. Sigh. I miss my class!

Do miss me and clock on mmy Nuffnang Ads!

I will definately miss you.

xoxo ! 


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