USS Part 2 !

Hi! :>

Im back for USS Part 2!
This is the photos after we step in.
First impression : Wahhhhhhhhhh~

So dreamy~ Like in cartoons! hahaha.

Maps , maps , maps~

This is oh-so-cute.

Betty boop!

Oh~ not to mention, im the world's greatest girlfriend. hehehe :> (facepalmed)
Oh, and the best lover too. HAHA

My very first ride~
Madagascar ; Merry go Round.
Not adventurous but suitable for all ages except I have a hard time climbing up.

Nice right. Just by looking at the photo got the dizzy feel.

By the end of this ride, my camera is outta battery ):
So, the rest of the photos would be in my sis camera!
I would see if I have the time to post the rest of the USS photos.

It's really fun there. By the end of the day, Im really really really tired. Infinity.
Like  gosh, never did I felt so tired before.
The rest of the rides are pretty awesome too.

Especially, transformer3D, Mummy ride and Cylon!


If you realised, transformer 3D is the new ride that only have been released on 3rd December.
I never expected the ride to be like that! Innovative.

ohoh, the shows are awesome too :D

till then.



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