Buffet Town (International Seafood Mixed Grilled and Teppan Yaki)

Hello! :>

Since it's the holiday , it's a norm for my auntie to ask me out for buffet!
The previous one was Kiseki Buffet :>
Read it here .

We din't make any reservation this time as it's very last minute.
It's better for you to get a reservation first cuz when I reach there at 12nn (open at 11:30 am) , the queue is long already!
The main reason behind making a reservation is that they have two separate queues. The reservation one have more priority i guess. However, you still have to queue with those whom made a reservation. hmms.

Beloved Granny

Oh, this isn't part of Buffet Town! This is the shop beside Buffet Town. #random

Mussels, Scallops!

Fried Prawns
Quite disappointed when they don't serve authentic tempura ): This doesn't taste nice.

The atmosphere is good! As for me, a buffet setting and atmosphere got be lively. :>
However, the food kinda let me down. I heard quite a number of good reviews on Buffet Town but some of the seafood ain't fresh at all. (crayfish, crabs) You wont want to eat it again after the first bite.
The chicken rice is nice, look at the huge chicken drumstick my uncle got at the above photo. Awesome!

Overall Rating : 2/5



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