Ikea Trip with baby!


Yeah, like the title suggest Im out with my baby!
So who's my baby ? :D
It's my newest gadget! Canon 600D.
All photos are taken with my baby :>

Let's go back to the main topic!
Ikea Trip.
This day, I bring my baby out for the very first time which is to Ikea.
Hmms, baby sounds werid :/

Tree Bark

Hazelnut Milk Tea :>

So, here we are! Ikea :>
Sis with broccoli! Curly hair~

The main purpose of going Ikea is to look for sis's study table!
You can see from above, mommy trying out how steady the table is.
$59 /- not bad.

I love carrots :D

This doggy cute!

Just before we leave, we spotted Santa and elf giving candies to kids :>
So cute ~



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