Jodie's Birthday! :>

Sis's birthday!
My youngest sister finally 13 !
Finally got away from the 12 year old kid range . Haha.
There's good and bad things about it though, e.g.
  • No more child range prices
  • Lesser 'kids' promotion
Lol, actually it's all about paying lesser.

Still, Happy 13 th Birthday sis!

Despite my super busy schedule, I still take time to go out to celebrate her birthday k! Of course to have good food :D


I shall be nice to post one of my second sis's camwhore! :>


Happy 13th Birthday, yo!

I love ice cream ~~
Chocolate ~

After all the food, we head for a movie~
Breaking dawn
Rating : 2.5 /5

It's actually up to you if you wanna watch this movie.
Let me tell you why:
Im actually quite upset they rate this as a PG13 movie.
They have many sex/bed scenes. Plus there are a lot of kids watching the movie. Im sure the parents sitting beside the kids will be very awkward! Hmms.

It's touching though! Effects are good too. The best part is that they have good-looking actors and actress :D

Birthday Cake!!

Till here, 
I am super busy this couple of weeks.
Although, lessons end at 4 pm, Im staying back everyday till 9pm ):




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