My Fat Pocket

Im gonna share with you this fabulous forum/site today!
- Drum Rolls -
It's My Fat Pocket !
Have you heard of it before ? :>

It's a website full of everything!
It's like my convenience store with all the exciting news coming from
Not to forget my fave forum and exciting samples/giveaways! :D

MFP had been giving out exciting gifts and prizes time to time.
The biggest giveaway would be the 7 luxury bags from Balenciaga, Lv, Gucci and so on!
Im not kidding you! They would personally fetch you from your home to the store to pick your fave bag! Yes, it is that awesome. 

Also, Ive been hooked on their forum for quite some time already. It's fabulous. Basically, I just talk everything there. I never felt like that before. A forum where I can just post a new topic and share things with everybody :D ohoh, MFP holds their giveaways on forum too! Why not just us now and win fabulous gifts :D

I went to their place to get the samples (redemption) and the gifts! :>
They are having Fuwarie Full sized samples now! If you do have enough points in your account, go redeem now! Just by the packaging of the product, it's really cute already :>

Next will be the prize!
The giveaways are hold in the forum. Below are the gifts I won :D

Estee Lauder Eye palette !
Shiseido Cleanser
These products are worth at least $100. Cool or not!
Join My Fat Pocket now! 
See you~

Thank you, My Fat Pocket ! :D



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