Project & project &project ):

Hi !

If you miss my face :> My twitter dp! :D

I know i have been away for awhile. It's not Im lazy to blog or anything like that. Im really very very busy ):
I only seen all my whatapps messages the day after it been received. Like all the messages just come in one go.
I have not been twitting much last week too. Yeah, it's that bad.

Ive been staying in school till like 9 everyday to complete all the projects.
What really make me upset is FIES. Sigh, I really cant believe this.. Lucky I have qinghong, joyce, jingyuan , yu ting , pop to help me ! Else I could just hide in a corner and cry. It's like clearing up all the mess for bonds all alone on friday. Yeah, somehow manage to complete by 11.15. It isn't the best though. I said to myself, im not helping him to edit anymore! It's not my responsibility, my duty or my business yo.

But out of courtesy, i'll still inform you that there's somethinng wrong and you jolly well go find out yourself . Cuz I wont help you anymore!

This coming week will be filled with all tests and presentation.
Wish me luck :>

I will return to blogging faithfully during the two weeks holiday :
  • USS trip Part 1
  • USS trip Part 2
  • Ways to earn $$ online
  • MyFatPocket (this is mad awesome)
  • Ikea Trip with baby ? :>
  • Slumber Party with the girls! 
  • Kian Hwee's Birthday 
  • and many more~ 
Stay tune ! :D



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