Slumber Party Part 3

Hello :D
Are you excited for the very last part of slumber party ? :>
I am !!!

After Kinect in the hall, we move to the kitchen for some baking session~ :D
However, let me show you my fave group photo first !

I love this photo a lot! Im sure the girls love it too :D
Everybody look good in the photo. Yes, it will definately be one of the best memories in poly.
Yu Ting :D

Sarah ! :D


Catcha Yu ting ! :D
Baking Time!!
We are actually baking chocolate chip cookies!
We bought way too much ingredients and  couldn't finish baking them all. ):
But that's okay! We had fun and the cookies are yummy :D

Butter, brown sugar, self raising flour, white sugar, egg , vanilla essence, choco chip ! :D

Hehe, another shot of group photo!
Cant help looking at it again :D

Sarah! Why no twist ! :D

Look at all the cookies! There's so much more :D

Overall, it's awesome !
I really do hope the girls enjoy the short party.
I would definitely miss our h2h session till 4 am, it was amazing. Never did I have a h2h talk with my girls before. I was pampered by my pals since secondary school. Not that it wasn't nice being with them, they dote me a lot. They buy me food if im hungry, cheer me up when im upset and last but not least always there for me! :D It's somehow different with my girls. I never really had a group of girls when Im in secondary school. The feeling is just so different. However, the thing is that I love them all!



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