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Tp Open House

Hello! :>

Today's post would be about TP Open House~
It's actually Polytechnic OpenHouse in the entire Singapore.
But, TP still the best . ah huh ah huh!

Im involved in 2012 open house again!
It's super fun plus I find our IIT school shirt has the best colour among other school!
Nice shirt too :D

The Logistics team!

Ic ^^ :> Wesley. He's super nice, i swear! :D The nicest guy .

By the way, Im situated at General Office. Supposedly to be the 'rah rah' people but due to some reasons we are not suppose to cheer. That's good too. Im really tired ): The above photo is the couple at my station! I guess there are like 2 couple at my station?!
Mr Eric & Ms Kang !

Yong Wei! Vice President of IITSC (:

My sis came to look for me after that !
I brought her to Design School for Western food :>

Awesome fried fish with mango tar tar !

Although I didn't really stay throughout the whole TP Open House, I really do enjoy myse…


Hello! :>
This is the day my sister and I went shopping with Enous Cc people.
I guess it's one of the event they created for the year.

At the community centre waiting for the bus to come by~
Was quite a long wait. Prolly bout' 20 minutes. Hmms.

Camwhore time! By the time you see this picture on my blog, i've changed my hair colour! Stay tune :D
Finally, we reached the prawning area :D

Our lime green rod~

This the prawning bait! Chicken heart! I know right, you must be thinking it's gross but that is what the prawns like!

This is funny! My sis bought this to the prawning farm. I had no idea why too. This are actually an ornament to grow grass on top of their head! However, this ornament came grow anything out. Out of boredom, my sis smash them to the pictures above/below. Haha!

We are so tired and restless already cuz' wee catch no prawns ): It's already an hour and a half gone. ): Just then, my uncle and aunty came by ! That's very sweet of them…

Happy Lunar New Year 2012