Kian Hwee's 18 !

Hello :>
Im back blogging. Okay, this time a proper post. :>

It's Kian Hwee's 18 birthday on 20th December 2011.
Yeah, I know I know it's really backdated but Im still posting it cuz birthday is a big big thing.

Honestly, to me birthday ain't a huge thing in the past. It just a day to get over with. What really change my mind would be the words that my ex once told me. I never seen somebody putting in effort in celebrating birthday. What's more it is just once a year. Be it a happy or sad occasion, it's a day to celebrate our birth. So, why not live it joyously! :>

I meet Emily and Kian Hwee on the train before heading down to Cineleisure!
As usual , im late. Sorry!
Ah ha, you must be thinking where are the rest of hehehahahoho clique!
They are already at Cineleisure getting things ready for this birthday boy :D

Gong Cha.
I kinda like their logo. It brings the artistic feel. Don't you think so?
Birthday boy with Emily !

We caught New Year's Eve at Cineleisure. The show not bad . Although it features many actors and each scene are just a mere 5-10 minutes , the movie protray what it wanna say. New year eve.
Next up! Buffet at Kiseki~ woohoo. mmmm.
Birithday Boy with his Isetan Kiwi~

Below photos would make you drool ! Mmmmm.

This the best! Super love their sauce! It is a must have in Kiseki Buffet.

What's a birthday without birthday cake?
We bought a slice of cake foor this birthday boy. Ya know , we are already bloated after buffet!
I love this photo to the max. This is what I call heartwaring smile .

Photos time!
I randomly picked some photos to post as there areseriously too much already!
Boon Keong

Birthday boy~

Next : Group photos! :>

Take #1: Too blur . Fail
Take #2:Boon Keong missing in action!
Take #3 : Yay! Catcha :>

Hope Kian Hwee enjoyed his birthday! :>

Hehehahahoho :>



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