Slumber Party Part 1

As you know, i had a slumber party with the girls during this December holiday :>
We bake, kinect, h2h and had plenty of fun !
I split the whole slumber party into 3 parts. There's too much photos already.
So, this is part 1 yo! :>

Up first will be to Giant to get all the baking ingredients and snacks,

Yu ting with Self raising flour. hehhehehe :>

Here comes sarah! She went to Ikea to get her stuffs cuz Im late );
I think Sarah's reaction all damn cute! Candid moments by yours truly.


What's a girls party without ice cream ? :D Yum yum!

Our next location would be Ikea!
Our dear yu ting wanna have Ikea specialised meatballs  :>
Ohoh, Joyce joined us next!


Ending of with a photo of me and sarah! :>
All photos ain't edited. There's too much for me to edit already. Furthermore, MeiTuXiuXiu doesn't do batch edit. Never mind! Raw photos are more genuine right! :D

Stay tune for Part 2!



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