Slumber Party Part 2

Hello! :>

It's the new year today and Im dilligently updating my blog with posts so that it could keep you all updated when Im busy this coming year.
However, this post wont be posted on new year! Ive been sceduling plenty of posts along the way. So, catch some fun here at my blog everyday :D

This is Slumber Party Part T -W - O !

This time location is set at my place already.
Everybody's here like finally! :D

ohoh. this is my room !
My pink room!

Engrosses with trouble maker~

We moved on to Kinect in the hall!
Okay, all are very relunctant to play in the first place.
My youngest sister generally pull them to the playing space to get them started :>

Dance Central! :>

I love this!
Adventure ~ :>

Stay tune for the last part ! :>



AnnHui said…
I like your pink wall ^^
I've got no idea of how that game function ..
Me so outDAte T.T
Joey said…
Hello ! :>
Thanks :D
It's actually a video game controlled by your hand signal and it's really fun :D

Thanks for dropping by! :D

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