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Chinese New Year 2012 #1

Hello :>
Im back after so long!
I know i know I have not been updating with real post.
& this Chinese New year post is so backdated already ):

Why not let's just get started :D

The following post will be on the eve of Chinese new year and the very first day of cny! :D
Excited? I am :D

As usual, we went to Granny's place for reunion dinner every year.
After daddy left for a better place, Im really scared there will be like quarrelling between granny and mummy. That turns me into the middle person ); Every year I do really hope everything goes well. More ever, it's just once every year granny and mummy are meeting right ?

So glad that everything still went fine (;

These are the snapshots of granny's flowers! Pretty isn't it?
Well, I dont understand how she manage to maintain these flowers so well. I am not a green person. Really envy people that have the potential to take care of these flowers! I think I will do just great when receiving flowers. Kidding. hah…

Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang!

Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang! :D

I joined Nuffnang in 2008!
Im really surprised when I looked through the records. This would also means that Im joined Nuffnang when it first started :> Shouts : Im made it with Nuffnang these 5 years !

It had been a wonderful experience. Earning moolah while blogging. Although the extra moolah not a lot but Im satisfied! Who gives you money when you blog, you tell me! Plus, I have been participating in some of the Nuffnang Events too. Love the movie screenings.

What I hope to see Nuffnang in 5 years time?

1. I think the very first point would be creating brand awareness across the world! So, next time when people have their usual chit chatting in the bars/cafes, Nuffnang would always be the topic!

2. I want to see Blogging as a certified job! I mean it will be damn cool! There's few bloggers that actually earns their living through blogging. However, what if somebody at the age of 6/7 says that they wanna be a blogger in the future with bright p…

Creed Media

Hello :>

Today, Im gonna talk about Creed Media!

What is Creed Media all  about ?

Let me tell you,

It's pretty easy. If you own a blog or even any social media , you could actually earn through Creed Media!
How is that possible ?

First, you pimp the gadget at your blog like this :
(my sidebar)

See the sandwich shop ?
It's actually a game! Haha, I actually chose it because I love this type of games :P
It's really fun okay. Not kidding you.

Okay lah, maybe you wont like my type of game.
How about all these ?!

This is just a small portion of the games collection.
Of course, there are much more if you scroll down.
So, take your pick!
Im sure that there's something for you.

So, how you actually earn $$ with Creed Media ? :D
Easy ! Just by playing the game !!!

Yes, you got that :D

Do I catch your attention now ? :D

Join now @ Creed Media!

See you :D


Shopping with PEACE

Hello :>
Im back to blogging!
Do ya' miss me ? ;)

School been extremely busy.
Dont be belittle by the words, it's hectic and worst of them all I only had 4-5 hours of sleep a day throughout the week ):

A little update on school:
Although school been really busy, I guess it's really fun with my class.
My fave. class forever.hehe :>

Also, I had gotten some of my results back.

Hmm, cmsk fine. However, Im really disappointed with the results for my cover letter. It's atrocious.
Never did I would think that I would get so low for that ): Nevertheless, my resume and job interview pull my grades up! So, there's nothing to complain about ^^

Hoho, this is even more atrocious then CMSK. I mean like 42 people in my cohort failed class test 1 ?!
For real ? Yes, it is. -Shocking news- The good thing is that I passes but who wants only a pass? I couldn't ask for more now comparing my results with the cohort. Hmms.

Class test results for these module…

Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula (TDF)

Hi there,

If you know, I have really bad skin when Im in secondary school. Like really really bad. Pimples breakout almost everyday. Im really upset about it. Afterall, it's something that I cant control too ): Probably it's due to puberty but the pimples just won't go off. Teasing by class mates is one of the thing that I hated most. Come on, it's not that I dont wanna have great skin... It 's just that sigh..):

I still remember I tried lots of methods to get rid of those irritating pimples. Make up , cream and all the squeezing and extracting.

I guess squeezing and extracting is the worst among the others. It's really painful and BAD for the face. Redness and soreness will be your friend for the next one day at least if there's no proper care after the squeezing. It's a double ouch!

Now, we have Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula (TDF) to the rescue! :>