Chinese New Year 2012 #1

Hello :>
Im back after so long!
I know i know I have not been updating with real post.
& this Chinese New year post is so backdated already ):

Why not let's just get started :D

The following post will be on the eve of Chinese new year and the very first day of cny! :D
Excited? I am :D

As usual, we went to Granny's place for reunion dinner every year.
After daddy left for a better place, Im really scared there will be like quarrelling between granny and mummy. That turns me into the middle person ); Every year I do really hope everything goes well. More ever, it's just once every year granny and mummy are meeting right ?

So glad that everything still went fine (;

These are the snapshots of granny's flowers! Pretty isn't it?
Well, I dont understand how she manage to maintain these flowers so well. I am not a green person. Really envy people that have the potential to take care of these flowers! I think I will do just great when receiving flowers. Kidding. haha :D

Ohoh, below is my maid! :>
She's really good. However, she doesn't love to take photos. Hmmm.

My fave candies!:D

This pretty much ends the new year eve!

Let us go straight to the very first day of Chinese New Year !! :D
We are really late this year. I mean like who go bai nian at 4 pm! Haha, opps. We even miss a few ang baos this year ):

We spend like hours dolling ourselves up and camwhoring !

Till then,

Stay tune for CNY #2



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