Zhiyi & Sujuan's 19 @15 Minutes

Hello :>

Im back to blogging. :>
I know it been some time since I blogged. School been really really busy and I do not have time to blog at all. ): My apologies ):

Have you realise my blog is all bout lifestyle? I record all my events down. I hope I could read them all when I grow older. *memories are are memorable.

This time it's hehehahahoho - Zhiyi's and Sujuan's birthday celebration :D

Actually, it's Zhi Yi's celebration but Sujuan doesn't wants to celebrate her because it's too troublesome. Therefore, last minute celebration for the both of them! Really hope Zhi yi don't mind :/

Birthday girls! :>

This time we went to Laselle 15 Minutes for dinner :D New place, new food! 
I always enjoy going out with hehehahahoho. (: There's always delicious food to eat. mmmmm.

Pretty awesome pizza but it's too big for my filling. Couldn't finish them all. -waste-

Trying to mimick but fail :/
Happy Birthday Zhi yi & Su juan ♥ I love you~

I super love this photo. Candid shot but really nice :>

Exchanges of birthday cards !

Pretty lady
with dear jasmine ~
Finally , group photo! w/o bk ):

I love preparing Sujuan's gift! It's like the very first gift that I tried to merge everything together and put into a box!

Meanwhile, my photo printer spoil ):
I had a hard time printing out the photos! The printing shop opposite school are bad enough. One couldn't read my sd card, one charges ridiculous prizes. Really got to thank bg for the photos :D

Hope you like it dear, :> ♥



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