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London-Paris Study Trip Day 1-2

Welcome back to my daily log of London-Paris Study Trip  Day 1-2! 
There are too many photos throughout the whole trip already which leave me to no choice to break down all into small parts !
Oh, before we actually continue with this post of Day 1-2 , have you take notice of my fringe since Day 1?
Hehe, my fringe grows incredibly fast throughout the trip! Look out for my photo at the end of the trip. hehe :D

-Continue from Day 1-1 -

We are still walking along Oxford Street. Still feeling excited while looking at all the photos. Don't  you think the streets just look so similar to Singapore's USS ? I know i know this is the authentic oxford street in London. Woohoo. Due to time constraint, we couldn't shop here though ):

Oxford shoes in Oxford Street . Woohoooo :D

This is the One Pound that Jy picked up from a ledge ! :D
Okayy, but it's not usable anymore in the country. Some was saying that One pound in the note form are not acceptable . What?!

My lens are blurred whic…

London-Paris Study Trip Day 1-1

Hello peeps!
It's TGIF yo ~ So, what have you guys been up to ? Initially plan was to head down to East Coast Park to cycle with beloved C263-ians. Ah huh, but the plan always fail.  In the end, we are over at jy's place for some mahjong. 
Anyway, it's the end of the first week of school for semester 3.1. Well, it acts like a buffer week for me. Engine will be all geared up from week 2. 
Despite all the problems, Im here again to blog about London-Paris Study Trip with the school. (-ahem-) There's almost 800 photos left after quality check and I couldn't update all in a go. The trip blog posts will be split up into days as well as parts ! There's too much things going on in London day by day. So, do remember to stay tune!  I will post all the photos (raw) up on fb soon. (pinky-promise) :D
Let me bring you Day 1-1 of the trip !
Day 1-1 (9th April 2012 to 10th April 2012)
We set off from Singapore on the 9th April 2012 at around 9.30 pm. Jy's parents took us t…

Key Hulahoops

I think green and purple are great combination. (;

Be back for London trip pictures :D


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Hello (:

Im finally back from London!
Really do miss Singapore a lot.
Will blog soon (;

Merci, ciaoz!

QT ♔♕

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Hi there ,

I guessed the above image already explains itself.
There's pretty much things that is running round my mind now. In fact , for the whole day.
Yeah, Im sorry for saying Im fine when Im not.

I think mummy feeling as insecure as I am now.
I dont know why , I just feel so. This 'apartment' feel so empty all of a sudden.
I just wanna stayed out the night for once. Everything seems so lost.

To be honest, I really envy people with perfect family bonding. How to start this, nothing's perfect. It's just the way I see it when everything look amazing to me. It's something I could never have. I miss daddy. I still remembered there's this once when Im in the second year of secondary school. Daddy came to me and said ' you must be hating us for what we have done' . However, I never had the chance to tell you this. 'Daddy , I love you. I love mummy too. It's just that I can't feel the bond between us yet. Im closer to granny ever since Im b…