Happy Birthday, JY Part 2 :D

Hello people,

How do you like my London posts till now? :D There are many many posts not done up yet . Anticipate for the famous attraction in Paris! ( The Eiffel Tower ) Its really beautiful!

As for now, let me post on b's birthday outing/celebration! :) I had to celebrate with him two days before his actual day due to granny's birthday celebration and cousin wedding on both Saturday and Sunday respectively. (19th may & 20th may) FYI, b's birthday is on the 20th may. Happy 19th birthday! :D

We went out on the week Friday and I thought it was really a great time spend with b!

We decided to head down to east coast to cycle to shed some fats away. Hehe. Before heading down to east coast, we stopped by parkway parade to settle b's cravings for fish & co. To our dismay, it had actually closed down. :( b was really sad. In the end we had our lunch at new York! It was scrumptious though :) you could give it a try too! Especially their lunch sets ! Value worth :D

 No fish & co. for ya' . Don't sad!

 The Ice lemon tea (Y) 5 out of 5 stars :D


Mine (:

It was cycling time after lunch! You know what, both of us are too lazy to cycle anymore. Hehe. We end up flying kites instead! :D I love the batman kite, so cute :D

By the time we wanna leave east coast park, the poor batman got stuck on the tree. B tied the rest of the string around the tree. "this batman shall stay at this tree" he said. :)

-we went home to shower and meet up later for dinner!-

This time a little different! No more east side malls! No more the usual at suntec city. :D We head down to Clarke quay for dinner. We had Japanese buffer for dinner after many changes. The spread was bad.  There are only limited food. However, I got to say the food tastes good ! Especially their raw salmon. Its really fresh :)

We took bus down to Clarke Quay from my place. -make use of our concessions passes- It was really fast though. Approximate 30 mins ! :D

 Hello (: idkwhyismyeyeonebigonesmall.



 @ the river side (:

That's all for b's birthday! Hope you enjoy :)


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