London-Paris Study Trip Day 2-2

Hello :D

A lil update on school life,

School has been quite alright with only two modules. However, I think what actually stress me up is combining school with work. ): Im pretty sure things will work out though :D

Let's continue with London-Paris Study Trip Day 2-2, we are finally here at London Metal Exchange! This place is really cool, they are still using the past trading techniques to trade. What really fascinate me is the different kinds of hand signs that they used to call out a certain trade order. Cool huh!

Okay, I looked really short here. -ahem-
I love this photo (: Look how the modern circular tall building stands out from the rest. Not forgetting the buildings there brings out the Victoria feel. Amazing.
Red post box (:

Here we are, London Metal Exchange! Look at all the traders at the left hand side of the picture. I guess they are too stress and had to a smoking break outside. If you been here, you will know how serious they are working in there. Terrible.

- whyyoucloseyoureyes!-

I couldn't stop admiring how beautiful London is. Well, if I could make a trip back there, I would definitely go for more shopping or peacefully walking through their beautiful gardens. There will still be chances next time though (:



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