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Hello (:

I promise I will be back soon for proper post!
Meanwhile, here are the previews (:

#1 : Sunplay SPF 130 Product review ! :D
You get to receive samples for this as well! Excited ? :D

#2 : Joey's 19th celebration at USS! ^^

See you soon (:


Happy 19th Birthday!

Hello people,(:
Im finally 19th years old!



Hehehahahoho ♥♥♥

It's the holidays! ♥
Yay, finally I got the time to meet up hehehahahoho ♥.
Don't ask me why is it hehehahahoho. I really have no idea. I just randomly choose the name when creating the facebook group. So, that is it for now.

This time we head over to Food for Thought @ bras besah for dinner.
Really nice place but the food was expensive! Honestly speaking, I wont return for another meal. I do have a great time there though (:

Emily (:

We dint make any reservation so we had to wait outside for around 15 mins for 6 pax. ):
And here we are, we are in ! (:

Serene (:

Kian Hwee analysing the menu very carefully to make sure he doesn't pick the wrong food.

I said the ambiance really good but I really don't get the interior design of the restaurant. I mean what is all the glass containers hanging on the ceiling. What if it got loose and lands on someone elses head. gosh. No offence though. It do look creative still. hehe.

*Drumrolls for the food*
Ice Lemon Tea…

Group Therapy with ♥

In this fine day,I met ♥ up for an extraordinary breakfast over at Group Therapy.

I wanna watch your back, till the world ends.

We are finally here at Duxton Road.
The nearest MRT station is at Tanjong Pagar (:

Here we are at Group Therapy (:

A huge banner greeting us on our way up.

Poached eggs on thick toast with salmon

Beef and mushroom pie
It's the best breakfast I ever had especially with the ♥. Awesome food and great ambiance though it might get a little noisy over lunch time.

Stay tune ♥

Stay tune ~

London-Paris Study Trip Day 5 Part 1

Hello :D

It's day 5 of the trip! My sis was saying I can never finish my blog posts on London -Paris Trip ): There's a lot of photos you know!
Enjoy reading ~  :>

Welcome to Paris ! Yeah, we had finally arrived at Paris ~ :D I had separated Day 5 into two posts cuz the next post will be mainly on Eiffel Tower only (:
Today itinerary would be to : Marci BuciLouvre MuseumEiffel Tower (next post)River Seine Cruise (next post)

Picture time on the bus :P

Such a beautiful city

Class photo! :D

Entering the Museum-

Taking a moment of silence ?