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Cher Lloyd - Want U Back ft. Astro

I thought this song is rather addictive though it been around for quite awhile already!
What do you think ? ^^

definitely love her expression. So cute!


Wedding Bells [20th May 2012]

Hello (:

This post is all about my cousin's wedding (morning).
Yeah, like the title says it's on the 20th May 2012. Coincidentally strike with jy's birthday. Hmms, it is a really auspicious day I must say! :>
I really have no idea what are the Chinese customary that must be followed. However, just look at  the roasted pig! I guess it must be one of the auspicious items in the Chinese tradition.
Isn't it huge!!!

This is another auspicious item in wedding too! Red is the thing!

Apparently, my aunt have 2 dogs now! Mickey and Cocoa respectively in the following pictures. Ain't they cute ? (:

Well, I got to say I'm really bored there. It's the day for the bribe and groom right? However, we got to be there to wish them happiness! May them be blessed and live happily ever after (:


Joey's & Eunice's 19th ^^

Birthday Buffet lunch @ SSIKKEK BBQ! As Eunice and my birthday are neighbours to each other, we decided to celebrate together! This time we went over to Ssikkek Bbq at Novena Ville to have Korean buffet (: I'm really guilty for being late. Sujuan and Kian Hwee was so hungry by the time we reached ): Nom nom, look at the prawns ^^ hehe.
I wasn't sure what am I laughing with KianHwee. Just look at our expressions. Priceless. haha.
Anyway, serene spill out the cake story the day before on whatapps but I wasn't really sure what that. Then Kianhwee said he go get the bill first. The bill came by a cake. ^^ It's super yummy!

Hehe, the birthdays girls ^^
Kianhwee (:
Zhiyi (:
Boonkeong (:
Serene (:
Su Juan (:

Below are the group photos :

Pretty birthday girl ^^

I really enjoyed myself there. Never thought I will get closer with secondary school mates after O's but here we are still hanging out together. Ahem, still pretty much like a big group k! 9 people, hehehahahoho (:


Disney. Pixar

I really adore the female lead in the show. Merida go against all odds to choose a fate of her own! Will you too?

Have you wondered who is your heroine or who is the one whom make a  significance in your life ?

This is mine. 
I pondered for a second to think who is my heroine. There are many indifference in life. Some people can have all luxury goods while some have to live in thrift. That's not the point but I'm really thankful for my granny to be with me at all times whether in rich or poverty. I may exaggerate a little but she is there for me whether it is rain or shine. She take cares of my well being all the way to all my needs and wants.
I still remember how she wants to stand up for me when I get bullied in primary school. Honestly, I do not know how to defend myself when Im young. I would not know how to tackle back  if I got reprimanded or bullied for no reason. Im really glad for granny to be there for me all the time. I love you (:

I'll be back

Be back this weekend.

See you. ^^

London-Paris Study Trip Day 5 Part 2 - The Eiffel Tower

Welcome to the Day 5 of the London -Paris Study Trip.
I know I have been delaying on the posts and it's super backdated now.
However, I still wanna complete them all! (:

It's a fun journey yeah ^^

How can we not visit The Eiffel Tower when we are in Paris. It is one of the most significant places of interest here and I bet it is filled with hundreds of people everyday.

Isn't is beautiful ?
Just by looking at the photos make me wanna go to Paris again! :/

While queing up to enter The Effiel Tower ^^

Hi, Im Michael. hehe. ^^

fyi: the numbers on the stairs indicate the number of steps to reach the second level of The Eiffel Tower. The second level requires a total of 73x+ steps! Couldn't remember the total steps but it is a lot , enough to make my leg cramp the very next day. However, it still very worth it ^^
(@ the first level)
The Eiffel Tower has a total of 3 levels.

This was taken by Ms. Esther. Haha. She voluntary helped us took a photo while we are sipping our ho…