London-Paris Study Trip Day 5 Part 2 - The Eiffel Tower

Welcome to the Day 5 of the London -Paris Study Trip.
I know I have been delaying on the posts and it's super backdated now.
However, I still wanna complete them all! (:

It's a fun journey yeah ^^

How can we not visit The Eiffel Tower when we are in Paris. It is one of the most significant places of interest here and I bet it is filled with hundreds of people everyday.

Isn't is beautiful ?
Just by looking at the photos make me wanna go to Paris again! :/

While queing up to enter The Effiel Tower ^^

Hi, Im Michael. hehe. ^^

fyi: the numbers on the stairs indicate the number of steps to reach the second level of The Eiffel Tower. The second level requires a total of 73x+ steps! Couldn't remember the total steps but it is a lot , enough to make my leg cramp the very next day. However, it still very worth it ^^
(@ the first level)
The Eiffel Tower has a total of 3 levels.

This was taken by Ms. Esther. Haha. She voluntary helped us took a photo while we are sipping our hot chocolate ^^
And finally, we reached the second level(:

We conquer the Eiffel Towel :*

Next we arrived at  Louvre Museum.  

Every figure crafted on the architecture has a meaning on its own! I wasn't paying attention there as Im happily eating my lunch (long bread) !

I love this photo a lot! I guess it will look fab after editing! :>

Finally , we are at River Seine Cruise.

The cruise is terrific but I couldn't stay out in the open air to enjoy the beautiful scenery. ): It's too cold outside with the blazing wind. I seek shelter in the enclosed place. However, I did took some photos when I'm feeling a lil warmer outside again.

See you next time~


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