Wedding Bells [20th May 2012]

Hello (:

This post is all about my cousin's wedding (morning).
Yeah, like the title says it's on the 20th May 2012. Coincidentally strike with jy's birthday. Hmms, it is a really auspicious day I must say! :>
I really have no idea what are the Chinese customary that must be followed. However, just look at  the roasted pig! I guess it must be one of the auspicious items in the Chinese tradition.
Isn't it huge!!!

This is another auspicious item in wedding too! Red is the thing!

Apparently, my aunt have 2 dogs now! Mickey and Cocoa respectively in the following pictures. Ain't they cute ? (:

Well, I got to say I'm really bored there. It's the day for the bribe and groom right? However, we got to be there to wish them happiness! May them be blessed and live happily ever after (:



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