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Im back to posting again! I have not been turning on my computer last week due to the terrible cramps i had. ):

Anyway, Im back to tell you more about the iPhone app of the week. I just changed my phone to an iPhone cuz my previous phone (HTC 7 Trophy) couldn't work anymore. I guessed Im pleased with the white iPhone im currently holding. Love the applications though Im really proud to be a windows phone user too k! ^^

This is a really interesting application. You can list down all the activities you had with your love ones! You will have something to refer back when you get old yeah? (:



Look how cute the app counts the days you've been together! ^^  The food we ate !
 Not forgetting the first date ❤

I love the below function the most!
Featuring Scratchcards from LoveByte. You can create your own messages to be hidden in  the scratch cards or used the template that had been stored inside the app itself to be send over to the other party! Creative yeah?…

Jasmine & Emily Birthday ♥♥♥

Hello (:

We came together for Jasmine &Emily 's 19th birthday @ porn's ! (:
Surprisingly, everybody is present today. What is even more amazing is that attendance is only full on Jasmine's and Emily's birthday.

Anyway, Jasmine birthday is on the 29 July while Emily birthday is on the 4 August that why we celebrate both their birthday together ^^

By the time I got there was pretty late already due to a delayed meeting nevertheless we still enjoyed ourselves yeah ? (:

The Birthday Girls (:
Apologetic for the bad* celebration but still hope you girls enjoy the simple dinner (:

Porn's is a restaurant opened by a local celebrity, Pornsak! He is from Thailand therefore all the food are thai based. Simply, it is a thai restaurant.

For the noob me whom doesn't take spicy food, I can only stick to Thailand's famous Pineapple rice. Not bad though ^^
I love this stuffed wings introduced by Su Juan too. I even have it the second time I visited Porn's. :>

Uncle's Wedding [4th August 2012]

Hello (:

Im scheduling my posts all in the weekend so that my blog won't be empty!  (:
On the 4th August 2012, my uncle got married! It's the second wedding I attended this year already.
May they last long (:

I have no idea why the photos turned out grainy. hmms. 
Anyway, I really love all the photos that are taken that day but a pity they are a little blur. ):
with the bride and groom (:

All photos grabbed from facebook (:

& after the wedding lunch, I met b for batman in the evening. (:


London-Paris Study Trip Day 8

Hello (:

I had come to the end of the London- Paris Study Trip!
Phew, finally! The whole 8 days trip had been jotted down in my blog :)

The last day does not have anything special though. We spent the morning at Paris's Reuters and off we go to Paris's Airport and back to Singapore! Yipeeee. :>

@Paris Reuters

Love how their office have a open terrace area for the staffs to relax from all the work inside the busy office!
& not forgetting they get to enjoy the beautiful scenery out at the room terrace (:

My pretty red flats with the ugly white socks but I think they compliment each other ^^

That's somehow marks the end of the trip.
There are many eventful happenings that occur during the trip. One of which happened to us, and that I don't want to mention here. I guess the whole cohort knows what going on. I'm really glad everything is over soon.
I do enjoyed my days there. There are many amazing things that happened. At a age of 18, I've seen The Eiffel To…

London-Paris Study Trip Day 7 - Paris DisneyLand

Hello (:

Foremost, let's wish everyone in Singapore a Happy National Day!
Especially for all Singaporeans, we must feel so proud of ourselves! :*

Images credited from google and their respective sites (:

Enjoy the one day off from this week! ^^

Oh, and before I stop talking about National Day 2012, have you listened to this year NDP theme song?
If you haven't here it goes ^^

 Back to today's post about PARIS DISNEYLAND :)

I am so glad we have the chance to head down to Paris Disney in our trip.
Furthermore, the ticket are inclusive in the total amount of the entire trip.

Everyone has a kid in them no matter how much they've grown.
Back to our childhood times @ Disneyland (:
This is my second time at Disneyland. The first was at Hong Kong with family ♥♥♥
I really feel like heading back to HongKong Disneyland again!  
They even have new adventures now. Click here !

Oh, I still remember this kinder maxi chocolate bar. We went to carrefour in a shopping mall which is reall…