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Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Thank you for the Home's Favourite D24 moon cake ! ^^

Singapore Garden Festival 2012 Part 2 ^^

Yay yay yay !

Im back for round 2. hehe. Im still at Hall 4 of the convention hall! I forgot if it's Hall 4 or 6 already but it is the same level as Post 1 ! I remembered this very clearly because  Hall 4 and Hall 6 are of different themes altogether.

Hall 4 :
Showcase of all different types of orchids
Display of competition entries of orchids garden
Generally it is all about orchids and I am really amazed by how beautiful they are ^^

Hall 6:

Features different types of flowers models
Hmms, how do I put it. It is like those creative people who make these flowers into art.
haha, I dont know how to explain so watch out for the next post ^^

Let's move on to Orchids and more and more orchids! ^^
Granny with the tissue orchid. It really looks like tissue to me. omg!

This staff is really funny. Jy and I was listening attentively to him and he caught me taking my camera on my hand and asked for a photo instead. There you go, his pose!
Jy with the worm!

I love this photo the most. It…

Singapore Garden Festival 2012 Part 1

Hello :>

I am finally back for a proper post. :)
Do you miss me? Cuz' I miss all of you leh ;)

A short update about my life now:

Internship is finally ending in 4 weeks time and I am really excited in going back to school. For the first time, I miss school. ); I miss all the cheap and delicious food and not forgetting that I am always 'free and easy' in school. In a blink of an eye, Im going to graduate soon already. ^^

Im really happy in this 3 years of poly life. My class have been happening for the first two  years. We been hanging out for food after classes , in between classes and even to celebrate classmates birthday. Our tradition shots of 10 poses, our pathetic number of bbq, not enough beds class chalet and our hardwork for two rows of FBI Networking day concert ;) *tears* I will miss you all. In this year 3, I bet most of us found our love ones in the school too. hehe

Okay, okay. Let's get back to today blog post! (: 

Ive been to Singapore Garden Festival…