Universal Studio Singapore Part 3!

Hello (:

Im back for the last part of my Universal Studio Singapore birthday trip! ^^
The photos in the set of USS posts ain't edited. ): That explains why the sudden darkness/ exposure/ unevenness in the photo. Never mind, let's proceed cuz' I wanna show you all the rest of the photos at Universal Studio Singapore eagerly. 

The next stop would be at the very well-known Transformer station!
This station was opened slightly later than the other stations. Well, I would say it is worth the time as this is the most amazing ride ever! With that limited space, they manage to pull out a whole new 3D adventure. Thumb ups!
So, here's our photo with Transformer ! ^^ We even bought Transformer tee shirt together. It's beautiful (;

Hehe, Transformer! ^^ (Taken during class chalet-upcoming post!)
I love New York City too! Let's make a wish ~ I wanna go to New York for a holiday before 25! ^^

oh yes, I got to comment on this photo!
The four guys look charming yeah. Just then, jy was saying he should take a photo with them to form up One Direction. (facepalm) HAHAHA. Opps, sorry jy for spilling out the joke. hehe
We miss this musical though. However, we caught it before on our first time visit. (separately)

ahem- world's greatest girlfirend okay!

This photo is edited !

I really enjoy my day over at Universal Studio Singapore! ^^ Thank you for making my 19th birthday perfect. (: I'm really loving it!



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