Phewtick Real or Fake?

I am back to blog again!
I have been really busy with Major Project and the work load is getting heavier and heavier ):

Let's come back to today topic:

Is Phewtick real or scam?

Many people have their benefit of doubt because there is no free money in this world. You work hard for it and get the return. However, phewtick only require you to scan your friends' qr code and there you have your $$. Is there such good thing on earth?

So here I am telling you if phewtick an authentic app in your appstore or google play!

Yes! It is real!  Real! Real!

I can't be telling you guys this when I have no proof right?
I actually cashed out from my account personally and I have already receive the amount in my paypal account. I am so excited!!! You will never know how true it is until you experience it for yourself. Some may say it's real and some may say it's fake. I think it is still base on case by case basis. No harm trying! Go scan your codes now! ^^

The least points to cash out is at 24,000. Although there are commission deducted from your cash balance after withdrawing, you will still get a whopping SGD $28!

This is good money ^^

Happy Phewticking!

Read more here:

Image credited to Phewtick and Jy!


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