Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water + Mini Giveaway!


Yay! I'm finally back for a review. I ve been busying with my major project still. However, im not as busy as the past 10 weeks. It will exhausting.

Lately, I received the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water ! I can't wait to try to see how miracle the water is. hehe. I always wanted to get hold of it since my internship. My colleague bought it and I got to try with a spray. It was very refreshing I thought but it could be done with the same effect of tap water too. I couldn't comment much cuz after all it's just one spray.

I really love EK Media for always putting in effort with their packaging. How cute is the hearts paper bag! xoxo

 You guessed it, it's mini Bio Spring Water in the bag! ^^

Im going to share with you guys how I felt after using the Miracle Bio Water after awhile. It is sure to be different from the normal tap water. My face felt less oily after using the product. This is the plus point cuz with normal tap water my face will definitely feel stickier and I hate that. My face got slightly fairer too. 

There are 20 efficiencies coming along with the product are as following shown in the picture:

Having said so, I dont think my dark circles decrease though. And I hate to spray water at my eyes ares. ):

My verdict on Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water:
It is really refreshing. It controls oil and I'm really happy with just that. It is so convenient when I could just bring it out to spray rather than having a tube of cleanser wherever i go! (: It comes in many different sizes for your preferences too.
I can even camwhore with it on the bus. hehe ^^

Why don't you try it for yourself and let me know how it works for you!

I am giving three bottles of travel sizes (25ml) for 3 readers to try! It will be mailed to your house and of course meet up is available too. (: This giveaway is open up to anyone living in Singapore.

All you have to do is to sign up for the mailing list at the right column and leave a comment at this post saying " I am _____ and am following  your blog now! ^^ " Something like that, all anything you want. Also, remember to leave down your email address for verification.

*email address must be verified upon clicking the verification link mailed to your email to be qualified!*
Contest will end on 31st January at 5pm sharp. The results will be published within three days. Comments will be screened too. Winners will be picked randomly. (:


For more information,
Skin cells suffer from fatigue and skin dullness from environmental aggressions and mineral
deficiencies. Trace minerals are essential minerals required by human health. It accelerates
skin healing process and gives the skin sufficient hydration to improve on skin roughness.
Bio-essence Bio-spring Water contains high trace minerals which are the perfect, natural
treatment to obtain optimum skin care health.


Q.Y said…
Hi Joey,

I am Kolina and am following your blog now using the email address,! ^^

I want to win the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water for my sensitive and acne-prone skin as it seems to be perfect for my skin type. =)
SY Lee said…
Hi, Joey,

I am Szue Yann and am following your blog now using the email

I wish to try Bio Spring Water whether it is suitable for my oily skin type. Thank you..^^
Fiona Chan said…
Dear Joey,
I am Fiona Chan and i am following your blog now (! ^^
Thanks for being so generous in giving away the Bio Spring Water, really do hope to win one and try out the effects for myself.
I have really dry skin that needs to be moisture and fed with lots of Bio Spring Water!!!
Thank you <3
ladyck said…
I am Cindy and am following your blog now!
eunice yee said…
I am Eunice and am following your blog now! :D
leeliet said…
Hi joey,
I am and I have followed you :D
I hope to win a bottle to try out. Its amazing how one bio spring water can have so many uses. I want to use this water and a face moisturising mist on the go, on top of makeup to achieve a natural look, and to make my dark eye bags less noticeable. I have sensitive troubled skin and I hope bio spring water will be the answer to my skin woes~

Happy CNY

Mia aka Bobo said…
Hello! I am Angelia Pang ( and I have signed up for your mailing list. This is really one great item that I would love to have. Thanks for having this wonderful giveaway!

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