Biore Facial Foam (Skin Purifying Technology)‏


I am back for another review. This time a new facial foam that just launched on the 3rd of January. I am actually very interested in these new series of facial foam by Biore. I had been using their old version of facial foams for quite sometime.

Do you still remember the old design? ^^

I thought it was already damn good but they had come up with a new series with a new technology Skin Purifying Technology this year. They are just getting better and better ^^

If you are wondering what does Skin Purifying Technology do, here you go! ^^
SPT: Skin Purifying Technology
- High Cleansing Efficacy
- No penetration to skin = No damage to skin
- Non residue, Non irritating, Vitalize Skin!

Viola, does that sound amazing? ^^

Let's move on to more benefits of the new series of Biore Facial Form :
1) High cleansing ability vs. competitors.
2) Low irritation as cleansing chemical does not penetrate skin.
3) The first cleanser that works to rebalance skin – reduce oil
at T-zone (forehead and nose) and replenish moisture at Uzone
(cheek and chin).

When I first get hold of the products, I felt it smells really good. They have this aroma coming out of the box. That makes me more eager to open the box up! And here is what I got!

First up, the Biore Scrub in Pink. I love how they categorized the differenet facial foams in different colour. So, if you happen to ask someone else to get the facial foam for you, you can easily tell them to get you the biore one in ______ ( colour) ! Easy like that ^^

After using Biore scrub, i feel refreshed. Unlike other scrubs in the market, Biore scrub have ultra fine beads to remove impurities. I could not feel the beads rubbing against my skin at all. It is so much better than others as biore scrub does not have the tingeing feeling ! (: I feel my face smoother too. yipee!

Next, the Biore Extra Moist facial foam!
Previously, it was in pink in colour. Take note: it is in orange now (:

It has really smooth texture and is easily spread to lather on my face. After using it, i feel super moist just like what it is designed for. Furthermore, I love the smell of the foam. It is so nice that motivate me to cleanse my face even more! This would be my next facial foam after my current one! (: Why pay so much when you can get cheap and good one with the same effects. ^^


Left: Biore Scrub 
Right: Biore Extra Moist

Skin improvement in 14 days! RESULT~
1. More hydrated skin
2. Less clogged pores & reduction in sebum
3. Lighten marks & belmishes

Try it for yourself now!


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