Happy Valentine Day ❤ (Joan Bowen Cafe)

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year valentine's falls in the 15 days of Chinese new year. Im really happy that i could spend the day with love :) This 14th is also our 10th monthsary :) ❤ I also made a pop-up card for him. hehe.

This is our plan for valentine's day:

Garden by the bay >
Town >
Joan Bowen Cafe (dinner)

However, due to pouring rain, we could not set our footsteps at Garden By the bay. Instead, we had our favorite pasta from old airport road; pasta manna ! Seafood aglio olio (: Cheap and delicious!


After that we head down to marina square to catch a movie, beautiful creatures. The movie was boo! It was way too draggy and the storyline came nothing special. Would not recommend to watch it.

Finally, we are at Joan Bowen Cafe for dinner!

I got this gift voucher by completing a facebook survey online. Couldn't remember which but now I could enjoy my time at Joan Bowen Cafe (:

B made a reservation at the cafe at 7.30 p.m. We had a hard time looking for the cafe initially but manage to arrive in 10 mins time. However, we were told that it is packed inside and were given an outdoor seating instead. We are really disappointed as we had made reservation. Also, we were given a 4 people table outside the door. The seating was terrible! :( All i see is this when seated:(

Then two people left and we could get their outdoor seats which were slightly better. At least I could face b than facing the wall.

Soon b's food came then after a couple of minutes the staff ask if we want to change to an indoor seats. It was so much better inside but why after so many changes. :(

I ordered the cheese baked chicken recommended by the staff but to my surprise it was really very bad :( i had a hard time finishing it. :(

Oh, the mushroom soup was recommended though. Worth trying!

Overall, the staffs are friendly but they have to improve on their reservation system. Give it a try though! It is for a good cause after all. :)

Not forgetting a token of appreciation from them for valentine's day! So sweet (:

See you again then, Joan Bowen Cafe (:



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