2013's new year resolution

I know im a little too late to draft my 2013 resolution. It seems a quarter of the year had flew but I am still going to pen it down. It is still good to have aims for the year yeah. ;)

Looking back at my 2012 resolution, i guess I did not really accomplish all. However, i feel that I ate a lil more healthily that what i used to. Thats a good thing! :)

As for my gpa wise, you guessed it. I did not obtain a cgpa of 3.5 but I did perform in my last semesters ( year 3 ) which got me a gpa of 3.5 and 4 for sem 3.1 and 3.2 respectively! Pat on shoulder. Hehe. Will share more about my major project next time! :)

As for the year 2013, I hope to:

1. Get more practice with driving so I could start driving on my own
2. Study hard for university!
3. Have a healthy diet and optimum sleep
4. Drink more water ( start by carrying waterbottle in my bag )
5. Have stronger bonds with family and friends and also boyfriend. hehe.
6. I hope everyone around me will be healthy. :) this isnt a new year resolution but I hope I could inspire you guys to start living healthily too . :)

That's about it! 

I will see you again in my next post! 



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