Polytechnic Life...

3 years flew just like that...

Now, im unofficially graduated from Temasek Polytechnic awaiting for my graduation ceremony on the 23rd May.

I still remembered when I first got a text message from MOE saying that Im enrolled in the Diploma of Financial Business Informatics. Well, it wasnt my first choice in the JAE exercise though. I wanted to be in the Diploma of Business Studies Group which comprises of the general business studies then separated into specific section in year 2. However, im so glad that Im in FBI. Although almost half the people in my course got cheated as we are actually situated in a IT school than Business school, Im actually quite happy that I did not end up in bsg.

Foremost, it is such a big group of approx. 500 people in the course and look how many you need to compete with? Then after, you only get your specialization after year 2. And what if you dont get it?

Back to the Diploma in FBI, yes it is IT school so it means that we get to learn about programming. Programming is only easy for logical people that can thinks in the way computer does. As for me, simple programming is fine but when it comes to those complex programming functions, i would say goodbye. It is definitely a great skill and you can also earn money with that skill on your own! However, it is tough to get that skill. Once a lecturer said programming is where you get it means you get it, if you dont , you forever done. True that, so im really stuck with simple programming now. Hahaha!

Im elated to be in my course though, you tell me which diploma gives you dual skill? Yeah, my diploma. :)

Also, im really thankful for all my lecturers these three years. All of them are really helpful and believed in us. Thank you ;)

C263, indeed brings me lots of joy too! We have many class events and outings together. And not forgetting some of us did found their partners in the class too! :)

Let shan't elaborate any further. Let me bring to you the C263 Farewell video created by yours truly ;)


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